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Milwaukee International Airport Transfers

On this page you will find information about transfer options from and to General Mitchell International Airport, also known as Milwaukee International Airport, just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Before proceeding to locate your chosen transfer, please remember to retrieve your entire luggage from the Baggage Claim area.

Transfers at Milwaukee Airport

Rental Cars – The available car rental companies at Milwaukee Airport have their counters located on the ground floor in the parking garage located right opposite the terminal. Exit the terminal from the Baggage Claim area and cross the road to reach it. It is also possible to use one of the skywalks found on the third level, but it will require moving first up in level and then down on the other side. Rental cars are located on the second floor of the parking garage. Follow instructions for returning rented vehicles.

Buses – MCTS, Milwaukee County Transit System provides two bus routes that serve Milwaukee Airport, the Green Line and Route 80. The bus stop at the airport is located outside Baggage Claim 1 and M-CARD bus pass vending machine and a real-time arrival map are located near Carousel 1.

MCTS also provides a service for disabled customers upon request.

Various bus or coach companies offer services that connect the airport with various locations in the surrounding area.

Greyhound bus services can be found at Milwaukee Intermodal Station located in downtown Milwaukee.

Taxis – Taxis are found in the taxi lane located across the road from Baggage Claim 3. A taxi trip between downtown Milwaukee and the airport will cost approximately $25 and take around 20 minutes depending on the exact location of destination or origin.

Trains – Amtrak’s Hiawatha routes serve the Milwaukee Airport Rail Station that is located along the western side of the airport. Complimentary shuttle buses collect travelers outside Baggage Claim 5 on the airport side and outside the main entrance on the rail side. The Hiawatha route connects Milwaukee with downtown Chicago and trains go in both directions from the airport station. The journey to downtown Milwaukee will take around 10-15 minutes while the journey to Chicago from the airport will take approximately an hour and 15-20 minutes. There are several departures going both directions every day of the week.

Hotel Shuttles – Some hotels offer an airport shuttle service for their guests’ convenient transfer between the hotel and the airport. These are arranged in advance by the traveler directly through the hotel. Need to book a hotel? See a range of hotels near Milwaukee Airport.

RideShares – RideShare companies may collect their customers at the airport. Transfers are booked through the RideShare company’s smartphone application or their website.

Other Shuttles – A variety of shuttle or transfer companies offer their services to travelers. These are privately arranged in advance by the traveler or their representative.